Enjoy the Outdoors

There are so many ways to experience the Lowcountry’s wild beauty this season.



November is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Relatives from all over the country will flock to Hilton Head Island like migratory birds to visit. Be proactive and make some plans and get ideas in place to get everyone outside.

First and foremost, it’s important to prepare any visitors for your adventuring plans with guidance on how to dress for a November escapade. The average temperatures in November here on the Island range betweena low of 49 degrees and a high of 70 degrees.

The key to having an awesome outdoor experience in cooler weather is to dress appropriately. Advise visiting family to bring layers to accommodate potential 20-degree temperature swings. A breathable base layer   — topped with a fleece and jacket — would be a solid fall plan. Take into consideration that winter tends to be rather wet here on Hilton Head Island, so waterproof gear wouldbe a smart addition to any suitcase.

If you’re planning on getting out on the water,remember that jackets, pants and shoes that are quick-dry and/or water-resistant are a better choice than clothes made out of natural fibers like cotton and wool. Bear in mind that it can feel chillier on or near the water. Pack a knit hat and a pair of gloves judt in case.

Many people may think kayaking or boating is a summertime activity, but our tidal marshes are stunning in the late fall.

 Spartina grass takes on a golden hue and our water clearing as the phytoplankton begins to die back.

Near the shore, you can spot American OysterCatchers, Piping Plovers and Willets. Our residentbottlenose dolphin can be spied frolicking in local waterways. Plus, mussels and periwinkle snails can be seen in the high marsh.You can either arrange to rent kayaks or a pontoon boat and explore on your own. Or book one of Outside Hilton Head’s guided kayak or boat excursions.

Biking is another fantastic fall option to get a group outside and exploring. Don’t have a bike in the garage for Uncle Frank and Aunt Sue? Outside Hilton Head can deliver bikes right to your door to use for the day or the week.

Bike on the beach or take advantage of the miles of bike trails on the Island. Want to rampup the fun? Take a guided Pedego tour of Hilton Head Island or Palmetto Bluff and enjoythe thrill of zipping from place to place on these electrical-assisted bikes.

You can also gear up the group and head out for a hike. Mitchelville Beach Park at low tide is a real treat. You’ll discover all kinds of cool ocean critters wandering on the mud flats and see birds feeding in scores of tidal pools.

Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge is another great hiking choice. Be sure to bring water —and be aware there are no bathroom facilitieson-site. However, these minor inconveniences are well worth the incredible beauty of the vast stretches of marsh and the bird life that festoons the freshwater lagoons.

It’s understandable that dropping temperatures can make you want to curl up on the couch and grab the remote.

But this fall, get out, explore the beauty of the Lowcountry andthink about all that we have to be thankful forhere on Hilton Head Island.

By Anneliza Itkor, Outside Hilton Head

To book an outing with Outside Hilton Head, call 843-686-6996 or visit www.outsidehiltonhead.com.