Just Jevon: Part Deux

So, my second solo show is coming up on November 10 at Bluffton’s only listening room, The Roasting Room.

Am I as nervous as the first solo show back in February? I hope not. What am I planning to do differently this time around? Do I have new songs? Am I gonna actually take my medication this time? Will I tell tall tales about growing up in a rock and roll household or will I talk more about how strong my brother Gavan is? Will we make up words onstage and offstage? What DO I listen to on the way to pickleball?

All these and other questions are spinning right round, baby, right round.

Coming into the last show, I had doubts about what would happen when I clambered up onstage without the band at the Roasting Room last winter. I had Stu Enscoe there, the producer of my first solo effort, giving me hand signals. Hurry up and end the five stories you’re telling simultaneously and play a song!  

My wife came, which kind makes me nervous because of how much I value her opinion involving my songs. Do you like THIS song, Honey? I was also being filmed by Dave Peck from A Lowcountry Backyard Restaurant on Hilton Head Island and we had some visuals on the screen behind me from record executive and video editor Jessie Renew.

I do have new songs. Some of you know ‘em already because we write ‘em and start playing ‘em immediately, so we can start ironing ‘em out.

The birth of a song…Oh, what a beautiful thing. You look through that little window, the song is so cute. Hooked up to all those machines, the labor. SO EXCITING. Then the song’s warts start to show. You wake up in the middle of the night. There’s screaming. Next thing you know, the song is 5 years old. Then 15.

Do people like your music? Do they sing it in the shower?

Of course, I’ll be playing most of the old favorites like “Drunk on Daufuskie,” written with Gary Pratt, and “Born in the Lowcountry,” written 14 years ago with Andy Pitts. But, yes, I do have new ones. “Pelican Bomb Squad” will be rolled out. And, hopefully, a new song about highs and lows and crab pots and pine straw hats.

Some things NOW Jevon hopes FUTURE Jevon will take into account:

Learn from the last show. If there is someone there trying to steal your thunder or just talking to their buddy next to them while you’re playing one of the few serious songs you have written, stay focused. Enjoy the fact that anyone is there at all. It might not seem like it to some, but having 75 of your friends support you and your art is a big deal.

• Maybe you should limit your stories to three at a time between songs. Three stories going on at once after “Heinie in the Moonlight” is probably O.K. My friends who come out and watch me play music have admitted something to me: They wish I would tell more jokes and play less music. I know what I am, finally. The class clown has grown up, has three kids, makes funny hats and likes to make wisecracks that no one really expects (or sometimes don’t even make sense.) I’ll be doing all of that.

Thank you, Bluffton, for allowing me to wake up every day, get the kids to school, kiss my wife and try to write another song before going out to play for you. It makes me happy. And being happy is really good for you. And then, your heart is healthy, so you can eat Parmesan cheese on your eggs.

See you all November 10!