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Gulf Fritillary Butterflies

Throughout most of the year in Bluffton, butterflies can be seen gathering nectar or flying along roadsides and waters’ edges. The fall in particular is a great time to spot butterflies along their migrations. These beautiful creatures come in a spectacular range of colors and the gulf fritillary is no exception, with its bright orange wings and iridescent silver… Read More…

Painting With Fabric

The 2018 Quilt Festival is headed to Hilton Head Island this month, showcasing color and creativity. On March 23-25, quilters from throughout the Lowcountry and across the U.S. will converge on Hilton Head Island for the Palmetto Quilt Guild’s 2018 Quilt Festival at Hilton Head Beach & Tennis Resort. “The 2018 Quilt Festival is really an… Read More…