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A Short History of Palmetto Bluff Plantation: Part 1

In 1902, Richard T. Wilson, Sr., a New York multimillionaire, purchased 20,000 acres on the May River across from Bluffton, SC, which he named Palmetto Bluff Plantation. Originally from Tennessee, Wilson had been the Commissary-General of the Confederate Army of the Confederate States of America. After the war ended, he moved to New York and… Read More…

NATIVE or NOT: Bluffton Blooms

Many of us, in our Southern childhood wanderings, grew up with camellias, azaleas and crape myrtles. They may have been around our whole lives, but they weren’t always here. Many “exotics” were brought to the North American continent with the Europeans. These plants are from all over the world! Camellias are from China, azaleas are… Read More…