Be Excited About Bluffton’s Music Scene

“This may come to a surprise to some, but Jevon Daly doesn’t do solo shows. Why? No one knows. What we DO know is that he’s willing to give it a shot with us for one night only. What will he do? What will be said? How will we keep our brains from falling out of our skulls? No one knows. We’re all about to find out.”

—Description of Jevon Daly’s “Just Jevon” show at the Roasting Room Listening Lounge on Feb. 9, 2017.

So how does a small club in a small town attract big name acts or convince a longtime group musician to strike out on his own? To find out, The Bluffton Breeze turned to Jevon Daly himself for answers:

As we all know, Bluffton is an up-and-coming Southeastern town, but the music scene is very diverse. While we do have bands and songwriters, most music that happens here on a regular basis is the “deck player” or solo musician.

This is a very important part of the musical “food chain,” as it is how music evolves in a growing town. A few places will have a solo guy come play and, believe it or not, this is how a “scene” begins. A player can work on his craft (entertaining, singing, trying out the in-between song lines) and get paid, then may or may not work during the day in a band or writing songs. Once you have an area with enough of these cats out there meowing, then the bands can start to play at places with a bigger budget or for holidays and private events.


In comes a gutsy pair of dudes (Jordan and Josh) of Roasting Room fame attempting to give our town of Bluffton a name on the map, between places like Jacksonville or Savannah and Charleston. “Routing” through an area (other places like Raleigh, Asheville and Valdosta come to mind) gives a touring band extra cash to spend (it be expensive to travel), while we in Small Town USA gain the benefit of becoming a destination for bands or duos and solo songwriter dudes and dudettes. Just check out their website at to see the wide array of acts coming through our town.

Move over “Wagon Wheel,” some hairy dude is gonna sing you a song you’ve never heard and you just might like it. OK, the guy or girl singer might have a shaved head and play ukulele…geez.

If you didn’t get advance tickets for the sold-out “Just Jevon” show at The Roasting Room, you can still pick up Jevon Daly’s first solo disc, “Jevon” or catch him playing with Nicest Guys in the World on Thursday nights at Captain Woody’s (except February 9) or with Lowcountry Boil during Sunday Brunch at Calhoun’s. To find out where he’s playing next or to purchase “Be Excited” gear, check out Jevon Daly or Slowcountry Tunes on Facebook.

Written by Jevon Daly.