Society of Bluffton Artists (SoBA) Offers Art Workshops

SOBAThe Society of Bluffton Artists’ (SoBA) Center for Creative Arts workshops! Michael Pearson also will lead “Painting Loose Glowing Watercolor Workshop” from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. October 2-4. The cost is $375 for members and $395 for non-members.

Classes will be held in the SoBA Center for Creative Arts next door to the SoBA Gallery at 8 Church Street, Bluffton, unless otherwise noted. Schedule is subject to change. Please make reservations in advance for all workshops. Art teachers’ compensation for their time and expertise depends on a minimum number of students per class. Registration commits you, the teacher, and SoBA. When enrolling, please pay in advance by check, credit card or PayPal on our website so that we will reserve a seat for you. Please be aware that the deadline to cancel registrations and issue refunds is two weeks prior to the scheduled class. No refunds or credits are issued after that time.

To register for the class, e-mail or register online at