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Town of Bluffton

The Town of Bluffton is located in Beaufort County, the southernmost coastal county in South Carolina. It is situated on a high bluff overlooking the May River, a pristine waterway that has strongly contributed to the Town’s history and continued success.

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U.S. Route 278!

U.S. Route 278 is a parallel route of U.S. Route 78. It currently runs for 1,074 miles (1,728km) from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to Wickes, Arkansas at U.S. Highway 71/U.S. Highway 59. It might be notable that it is longer than its parent highway, US Hwy-78. US Hwy-278 passes through the states of South […]

Second Home Ownership!

Many of you reading this article have vacationed on Hilton Head Island many times before. During some of those trips you may have looked through real estate magazines and wondered about the possibility of owning property on the Island one day. As spring approaches, the opportunities for home ownership on the Island have never been […]

Bluffton Movement Played an Important Role in American History!

On July 31, 1844, under the sheltering boughs of a massive live oak tree in Bluffton, the Bluffton Movement for secession took root, ultimately leading South Carolina to become the first state to secede from the Union. An audience of approximately 500 assembled under the oak tree to listen to congressman Robert Barnwell Rhett speak […]

Bluffton, SC
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