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Succulent Seafood Appetizer – May River Grill!

Chef Charlie Sternburgh could be the poster child for enthusiasm and determination. Years ago, Chef Sternburgh was working in an area restaurant. The head chef left the job unexpectedly before opening night. Without any formal culinary training, Chef Sternburgh courageously walked into the kitchen and set up shop. What he brought to the table was… Read More…

The Tempranillo Experience

By Georgene Mortimer, Island Winery All wines have the potential to delight us, but some even have the power to inspire us. All wine lovers at one point or another have experienced that moment when all five of our senses seem to function together to bring true joy to life. Wine lovers understand that wine… Read More…

Dining with Kids

Adults want a delicious, relaxing meal and kids just want to have fun. With hundreds of restaurants catering to every taste and budget, nearly all of Bluffton and the Island’s eateries offer children’s menus, as well as some form of family-friendly entertainment. Make vacation mealtimes memorable for the food and ambiance – rather than monumental… Read More…

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