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Exploring the May River

We were always bored. I think 12-year-olds are destined to be disenchanted, but when the keys to the motorboat were relinquished, things changed. “Be careful,” Mom said as we rushed down the dock. The tube hit the water as fast as you could say, “I’m first!” and we were off. What was she thinking? The… Read More…

Surviving WWII: Lowcountry Residents Tell Their Stories

There’ll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover Tomorrow, just you wait and see. There’ll be love and laughter and peace ever after Tomorrow, when the world is free. Everyone in America waited for the words of this song (most popularly sung by Vera Lynn) to become a reality. Finally, on May 7, 1945, Victory in Europe… Read More…

Living in the Present Vernacular

This article is not meant to be a history or architecture lesson, but more a reference point for contemporary examples of the great variety of architectural interpretations we see being built around us today. George Owens, Chief Building Official for the Town of Bluffton, was asked how many building permits are active at this time… Read More…

Lowcountry Living with Mary Alice Monroe

Many have come to the Lowcountry and been enchanted by its golden marshes, spangled creeks, blowing dolphins, vine-draped forests and wild denizens of land, water and air—but few have made it their mission to protect and portray this beauty with such far-reaching impact as Mary Alice Monroe. The bestselling novelist, long known for her sensitive… Read More…

What’s Brewing In Bluffton?

A peanut butter stout, vanilla bean cream ale, peach ginger beer with lemon and a sangria saison are just a few of the concoctions crafted around town. But you wouldn’t know that or get to try these tasty brews unless you strode inside River Dog Brewing Co., Southern Barrel Brewing Co. or even Fat Patties,… Read More…