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Serving Up Smiles

Standing on the outdoor patio of the little pizza restaurant where I work as a server, I watched the sun set on the hill, which overlooked the lazy river below. During the winter, right around 5:30 p.m., it lights up the trendy wood-framed building. The young woman I was talking to shielded her eyes from… Read More…

Born with a Silver Spoon

Remember when Grandmother broke out the sterling silver during special occasions? You had to put on your best clothes and be on your best behavior at the dinner table at such times. It seemed like food tasted even better when eaten using the family silver that had been passed down from generations before, or given… Read More…

Mixing and Matching with Transitional Design in the Lowcountry

My family has been building homes in the Lowcountry since the 1970s, and our goal is to give our clients exactly what they want in their new homes. For most of them, we are building their “forever home,” and we get a lot of special requests, which we always strive to deliver. While we pride… Read More…

Revisiting Roots

In five generations, my heritage has evolved from farming the land to shopping at Kroger. Instead of living on and working my great, great grandparents’ farm in Meinhardt, Georgia (Rincon), I can just go to the farmer’s market. Or if I’m in the mood for a fresh bite to eat, there’s a selection of “farm… Read More…

A Second Chance at Life

Written by Kelly Dillon As a seven-year-old, the world is at your fingertips. You’ve conquered the art of shoe tying and know how to ride a bike, swim and are on your first (or second) sports team. First grade means you’re finally a big kid. You’re losing your baby teeth, reading, adding and subtracting, overcoming… Read More…