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Rose Hill Golf Club

Restoring a Local Favorite! Rose Hill Golf Club is set among the Live Oaks of Rose Hill Plantation. Rose Hill is Lowcountry golfing at its best with Spanish Moss hanging from the trees, sparkling lakes and an abundance of wildlife. This 18-hole gem is not just breathtaking but also a great challenge to all golfers.

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The Bullies

Except for one thing, Bluffton was the best place in the whole world for a boy to live. It was on a beautiful river, three tidewater coves cut right through it, every yard and all of the crushed-shell streets were shaded with live oaks, and most of the grown people loved children. But there were a… Read More…

Like A TV Dad

My dad carries himself like someone who should be on TV. Then I remember that time he almost competed on a season of “MasterChef,” so I guess technically he is someone who should be on TV. Growing up in the same house with him was hard when I am inherently someone who should be quietly… Read More…

That Magical Place called Palmetto Bluff

Just across the May River from Bluffton, South Carolina, lies the 20,000-acre Palmetto Bluff. In just a short time, “The Bluff,” as locals call it, has become just as important as Old Town in the community. The development philosophy from the beginning was to preserve the maritime forests, the river’s abundance and the historic character… Read More…

A Living Legacy

“Sir/Ma’am, I will practice in the spirit of Taekwondo; with courtesy for fellow students, loyalty for my instructor and respect for my juniors and seniors, sir/ma’am.” —The Songahm Spirit of Taekwondo Oath Before every class at Bluffton ATA Martial Arts, students bow in as a show of respect to their instructors. Then, for at least… Read More…

Fact or Pulp Fiction: Local Juice Bars explain the Benefits of Juicing

Said to promote weight loss, skin health, boost your metabolism and immune system and reduce the risk for heart disease, Alzheimer’s and eczema, juicing seems like the jolt everyone needs to kick start their healthy lifestyle. But is this brightly-colored boost in a bottle as beneficial as people say? You’ve heard about it—the buzz of… Read More…