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Rose Hill Golf Club

Restoring a Local Favorite! Rose Hill Golf Club is set among the Live Oaks of Rose Hill Plantation. Rose Hill is Lowcountry golfing at its best with Spanish Moss hanging from the trees, sparkling lakes and an abundance of wildlife. This 18-hole gem is not just breathtaking but also a great challenge to all golfers.

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Bluffton Movement Played an Important Role in American History!

On July 31, 1844, under the sheltering boughs of a massive live oak tree in Bluffton, the Bluffton Movement for secession took root, ultimately leading South Carolina to become the first state to secede from the Union. An audience of approximately 500 assembled under the oak tree to listen to congressman Robert Barnwell Rhett speak… Read More…

Great Shots from the Three Toughest Lies in Golf

Hitting a golf ball straight is difficult enough from a flat lie. When you and the ball are suddenly on different levels, it becomes even harder. Facing an uphill lie, downhill lie or sidehill lie is daunting, but like many situations in golf, it can be handled well with an appraisal of the physical situation… Read More…

Taking the Inside Path

Most golfers fail to optimize distance and accuracy because their club takes the wrong route to the ball – specifically, outside-in instead of inside-out. When most golfers get near the top of their backswing, their brain insists to them that they’re getting too far away from the ball, so they make the fatal adjustment of… Read More…

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